October 15, 2016 - Esplanade Park, Ft. Lauderdale

Ready to start a glam team but need some info?

Call Judith at (954) 732-0092 or email her at sweetmessages1@gmail.com

The Strut welcomes teams ranging from 1 to 1000. Be creative and whip up a great team name that incorporates the Glam theme, a pinch of breast cancer awareness and your incredible sense of humor! 

Stilettos are the footwear of choice, however flip flops can be festive if you dress them up!  Guys, grab a pair of sneakers and you’re good to go!

Signage, signage, signage!  Bring signs, props, anything you can think of to make your team stand out.  

Add a strong dash of team spirit (dance routines, chants, songs, tastefully tacky gifts for the Judges).

Don't want to make your own team?  You can join a team already formed!

Glam-A-THON™ prides itself as the only pageant in America where the CROWN CAN BE BOUGHT.  The more you raise the better your chances.

FOUR Teams will be crowned Glam Queen of Glam-A-THON™ 2016. The Glam Queen crown goes to each of the FOUR Teams raising the most money through registrations and donations.  Each of the FOUR crowns will be awarded based on the number of members in their teams as follows:

 1-24 members   25-49 members   50-99 members   100+ members

Additional Crowns will be awarded for:

2016 Glam Queen 
2016 Ms. Fab Swag
2016 Ms. Glambassador 
2016 Ms. Fabulosity
2016 Ms. Glam-itude
2016 Ms. Fashionista
6 Ms. Stiletto Smackdown
2016 Doggie Diva – small dogs 19 lbs and under
2016 Pet Royalty – large dogs over 20 lbs

Remember, all funds raised assist local women
affected by breast cancer.

On October 15th at The Strut, each Team Queen and King will pick up the Team Paddle Pick Up located at Registration.  Your team name will appear on the paddle along with a number on the back of the paddle.  Each team will be asked to line up in numeric order at the Starting Line.  You will rally your team together and line everyone up in the proper position 15 minutes before the start of The Strut.

Team QUEEN & KING Registration

Team Queens & Kings are the captains of each team.  Your role will be to start your team online, select a team name, begin recruiting family, friends, co-workers and anyone you’d like on your team.  Your objective is to enlist your team to raise as much as possible.  Not only will you be assisting local women in the community but you will be getting one step closer to the Glam-A-THON™ crown!
Register Now to create your team so everyone you know can join or donate to support your fabulous efforts!

Now here comes the fun!  Each team will have up to 60 seconds to WOW our Celebrity Judges with your team skit, dance or cheer at The Strut.  You will approach the pink carpet and will have 60 seconds to entertain the judges and show them  why your team ROCKS and why they should choose your team to win one of the many crowns that will be awarded at The Strut.  Be creative, have some fun and impress the Judges with  your originality.   You just might be the next winning team! Props and music are encouraged.  Have a blast with your friends, families and colleagues while making memories at The Strut!

CLICK HERE for Winning Fundraising Glam

Teams identified with an asterisk * on the Registration page are Corporate teams.
Find out about entering a Corporate team or becoming a Corporate Partne
by eMailing 
social@glam-a-thon.com. Save A Boob, Save A Life!

Team Paddle Pick-Up
Team Skit, Dance or Cheer



There are numerous paid parking lots and garages available within a short walk of Esplanade Park. SW 2nd Street will be closed to traffic as well as several artery streets, so meters in the area will not be a viable option that day. We encourage you to carpool with your friends and start the party early! This year promises to be a wildly large crowd! Bring your wallet because there will be dozens of vendors, food trucks and adult beverages available for our stylish guests!


In a hurry?  Forgot coins?  No problem! Use PayByPhone to pay for parking!  Simply download the paybyphone app or visit paybyphone.com.  Load the app.  Enter the meter location #. Enter parking time.  It’s that easy!  See you at the Stut!


Click Here to open a map to Esplanade Park.

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Don't Leave Your Pet Behind!


You can now REGISTER your precious pet to become a member of your team.  When you register for the Strut select ‘add a pet’ and for only $10 your pup can become a member of your team.   You will receive a TEAM PADDLE with your pet’s name for each pet you register.  Only registered pets will be eligible to win one of the titles below.  Judges will only be selecting registered pets for the prize.  Be sure to put your creative thinking cap on and give your puppy a spa day right before the Strut!  There will be two categories for dogs to enter. Awards will be based on your costume creativity, so think pink and have fun!

Pet Royalty – dogs over 20 lbs
Doggie Diva – dogs under 19 lbs


Puppy parents: please come prepared to clean up any accidental puppy poopy in the park or on the street.  There will be water bowls throughout Esplanade Park and on SW 2nd Street to keep your pet hydrated.

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Winning Team Ideas... You’ve got to ASK to GET!


1. Divas Unite!  Let everyone know that you have signed up for The Strut. Take a moment to explain why you support Glam-A-THON and how the dollars raised stay in the local community, helping local women affected by breast cancer. Share your personal story about why breast cancer initiatives are so important to you. Let them know what your fundraising goal is and then ask for a donation. Spread the message of help and hope and people will happily support your efforts. They might even join your team!


2. Social Media – use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and every other social platform to post about your team and ask your social network to help you KISS BREAST CANCER GOODBYE©!


3. Start posting photos of members as you build your team and ask them to share your posts so they can begin fundraising as well.


4. PETS! - everyone who loves their pup wants to show them off – what better idea than adding them to your Glam Team?


5. Doggie Divas at the Groomers – arrange Doggie Diva events for your team at your local groomers and ask your groomer to donate a percentage of sales to your team.


6. Pets and Vets – Ask your veterinarian to support your team through an office donation and maybe register the office staff to join your team at The Strut.


7. Corporate Matching - Take advantage of corporate matching gifts programs. Many of your donors may work for companies that have a program like this — their donation could double simply by filling out a form from their Human Resources department and following the steps to submit a matching gift.


8. Something to Celebrate! Are you celebrating a special birthday, anniversary, graduation, your child’s bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah or Quinceano? Wrap your special occasion around your fundraising. If it’s your 50th birthday, start an online challenge like, “Please help me to provide 50 diagnostic mammograms to women in need for my 50th birthday. Each diagnostic mammogram is $150 and my donation goal is $7500. You gift will help to get me there. Thank you!”


9. Corporate Sponsor Shirts and Naming Rights - Find a corporate sponsor that you can ask for a large donation. Offer to wear their shirt and allow them to have Naming Rights and name your team for The Strut


10. Restaurants – Do you frequent restaurants and bars in the community? Ask the General Manager if they will assist your fundraising by allowing a fundraising jar. Need some help from Glam-A-THON? Send us an email at social@glam-a-thon.com


11. Team Happy Hour – ask a local restaurant or bar to host your team happy hour and include the first drink free plus some lite bites. Ask each team member to invite 10 friends and charge $10 per person for admission. You can raise hundreds of dollars in a 2 or 3-hour happy hour while having a great time with your guests. Try to stage 3 or 4 of these events over the next few months and invite different groups of guests to attend. Everyone loves happy hour to benefit a fabulous cause!


12. Gym Class – do you belong to a gym or club like Orange Theory, Pure Barre, Fit or Fight, Cross Fit, 24 Hour Gym, etc? Ask the gym to support your team efforts and help to do a fundraising day (or weekend) to raise funds for Glam-A-THON which will be applied to your team totals.  


13. Yoga – ask your instructor for a personal donation and ask if you can speak to the class to seek additional donations. Perhaps your class will want to join your team!


14. Professional Services - Ask your doctor, lawyer, dry cleaners, car mechanics, pest control companies, clothing stores, and anyone YOU spend money with.  They will want to support your fundraising efforts.


15. Cut-a-thon for Glam-A-THON! If not a donation in the form of a check, then perhaps in the form of haircuts! See if he/she will host a hair-cut-a-thon in the salon (or in your garage!). You can probably raise more donations in two hours of haircutting than you can imagine — be sure to get the word out!


16. Make it Yours! Do you have a great idea we can share? Let us know at social@glam-a-thon.com.

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Baby Stroller Strut


Mommies & Daddies are encouraged to make the Strut a family affair.  Do you have a baby stroller? Join the Stroller Strut! Deck out your baby carriage with anything festive and pink including the baby!  Do you have a boy?  No worries – little dudes can be glammed up in a cool ball cap, some shades (it will be hot and sunny), and a rad pair of sneakers!  Going glam is a state of mind! Teach your little ones the gift of helping their community and help us to Kiss Breast Cancer Goodbye©!

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